From iOS to Decentralized Finance

On the 9th of January 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the first edition of the legendary Apple iPhone. In a keynote that was held during the Macworld Conference in San Francisco, Jobs presented the revolutionary concept of a mobile phone that can be exclusively controlled with touch gestures.

In the same year, more precisely on the 5th of September 2007, Apple introduced the first edition of the iPod touch. About one year later, in June 2008, another milestone was reached.

Apple released the Apple App Store and created a platform that has led to a significant rise on the demand site of the iPhone and iPod. And even nowadays, the power of Apple’s store is unbroken and a key factor for its success.

An essential factor of the rising popularity of the App Store has always been the vast amount of high-quality applications that could be downloaded.

Besides apps that help us organize our week, increase productivity or let us communicate with others, there has been always one field that caught the attention of iPhone and iPod users: the field of gaming apps.

In particular, the subsequent infographic shows that both, the number of active apps and games, are constantly rising.

Number of available apps in the Apple App Store from 2008 to 2020

Fun is what makes a game worth playing

Especially in the early days, the gaming sector was limited due to several factors such as hardware restrictions or limited bandwidth. Nonetheless, those limitations led to a shift in the way developers designed games and users experienced them.

Instead of highly-sophisticated gaming engines, the focus of mobile apps was put on the most essential aspect of every game: joy and fun.

Within the first years, iconic games have been released. Among all those iconic games, one star has been rising and particularly caught our interest.

The little Doodler as a representative of the “jump-up” games that are pretty easy to explain:

As a player, you actually always go up. The kick comes from the obstacles which are randomly spawned and try to keep you away from your personal moon mission.

The fun does not only come from the gameplay itself but also from the way the game can be customized. Characters can be chosen, backgrounds can be adjusted, obstacles can vary. In addition, those kinds of games raise some sort of hunting instinct.

Promo Image of Doodle Jump

We, as gamers, want to beat ourselves over and over. We want to surpass obstacles and borders and reach new heights. We aim to create highscores. Individually and for the collective. We want to be on top of a global leaderboard and be officially the number one player worldwide.

Let’s introduce A gaming revolution for DeFi

Now, while since 2007 time has passed and things have changed, the way we interact with games and the way we perceive them has also fundamentally changed. There are numerous games listed on the App Store that are undoubtly fun but they all come with one disadvantage: the loss of equality.

Most of the actual games have in-app purchases that grant benefits to users and reduce the gaming fun for those who do not purchase items. As a wealthy user, you can buy yourself ressources and save time in comparison to the “average user”.

Taking all those aspects into consideration, we were wondering where the good old times have gone to?

While we think that the concept of app purchases and purchases for customization is absolutely valid, we miss the old attitude where everyone, and we mean exceptionally everyone, had the same chances. The only limitation should be the individual skill level.

Now, having those thoughts in mind over and over, we have decided to establish our own gaming revolution that will be empowered by the opportunities of Decentralized Finance:

We present, a game and a token made from gamers for gamers.

Doodle.Game: Why you should keep an eye on Medium

Allright, enough for today. In the next articles, we’re gonna reveal

  • how we take advantage of our native Doodle Token and embed in our ecosystem
  • which benefits you will get as a Doodle holder and why it’s absolutely worth buying it
  • how our roadmap looks for the next weeks
  • how the token metrics are

… and eventually

  • when the token will be launched

Last, but not least: As an attentive reader, you will have noticed that there is one main characteristic of the game genre we have described — it only goes up. You may express this phenomenon in thousand different ways whereby the message remains always the same:

It only goes north, all the way up, without any upper limit, just north towards the moon and beyond.

And this, dear reader, will be also the core concept of

Our friend: The Bitcoin Doodler

Reinvent Gaming on DeFi