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We are growing on Social-Media and observe a rising interest and attention for our project.

It’s probably one of the most anticipated launches for June 2021.

Let us start with a recap: A couple of days ago, we have introduced our short- and longterm vision of the project. …

In this medium article, we are going to cover the essential aspects of $DOODLE and the upcoming events.

Therefore, the article contains two main sections which will describe the shorterm and the longterm ambitions.

Having this said, we need a preamble explaining our definition of a community-based project. This is…

Well, here we are back again.

Crypto is a bloody rollercoaster. 6 days ago, on the 11th of May, we have published our first Medium article and introduced our motivation for creating

While 6 days are nothing in the common world, in crypto they can be an eternity. Vitalik…

On the 9th of January 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the first edition of the legendary Apple iPhone. In a keynote that was held during the Macworld Conference in San Francisco, Jobs presented the revolutionary concept of a mobile phone that can be exclusively controlled with touch gestures.

In the same…


Reinvent Gaming on DeFi

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